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Mr. David Du 余建强先生

CEO, DDH Enterprise, Inc
President, Dutek, Inc
President, Xiamen New East Asia Electronics Enterprise Company

David Du’s ancestors are from Huian, Fujian, China, but he was born in 1958 in Saigon, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), because in 1947 his father Nam Xuong Du moved to Vietnam from China.  Over the next 20 years his father built a successful import and export steel business in Vietnam.

In 1975, when the North Vietnamese took over Vietnam, all of the Du family assets were confiscated, leaving them with nothing.  They were able to escape from Vietnam in 1978 and stayed in a refugee camp in Malaysia.  Then in 1979 the Du family immigrated to the United States sponsored by Southwest Assembly Company in San Diego County.  At that time David Du was 21 years old; he was the oldest son in Du family.

David Du worked in Southwest Assembly Company for 10 years.  From basic production to sales manager, he learned the cable assembly business thoroughly and gained invaluable experience.  In 1988 under his father’s encouragement, he and one of his brothers, Danny Du, started DDH Enterprise, Inc., an automated cable/wire harness business.

With production and sales rapidly increasing, DDH Enterprise, Inc. had to move to larger facilities a number of times then purchased its current 42,000 square foot location in Vista, California in 1996.  To service key clients’ requirements for PCB assembly, DDH purchased its 21,000 square foot and started up Dutek Inc.  a sister company in mid-2000.  They are now one of the largest cable/wire harness assembly plants in southern California.  DDH also opened a cable/wire harness assembly facility in Xiamen and a PC board assembly company in Beijing, China.  In early 2001, DDH purchased another 37,000 square foot facility in Vista.  This new manufacturing operation (Plant 8), specializes in mechanical assemblies (panels and boxes) using printed circuit board sub-assemblies from Dutek and wire and cable assemblies from the main DDH plant.

David Du is also very active in community events and Chinese and Asian associations.  A partial list of his activities includes:
President of Fukienese association

  • Vice President of Chinese Friendship Association of San Diego

  • President of INDO Chinese Association

  • Vice President of Buddhist Association of San Diego

  • General Secretary of the United Fukienese Association of North America

In 2007 he was elected General Secretary of The Global Unified Chinese Organizations from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

David Du also is senior adviser of China Overseas association and was elected First Vice President of China Overseas Young Association.

David Du donates funds to his hometown Huian for the building of new roads, and he supports education exchange between Quanzhou and San Diego.  After the Wenchuang earthquake he immediately contacted all of the southern California Asian associations to donate money to victims.

He was the only one in San Diego personally invited by Chinese Government to attend the 2008 Beijing Olympics closure ceremony.

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