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Associate Professor
School of Art, Design, and Art History

Phone: (619) 594-0436
Office: A-555

Dr. Hiroko Johnson, received her Ph.D. in Art History from University of Southern California in 1994.  Her area of emphasis is in the eighteenth century painting.  She focused how the Dutch influenced Japanese art when Japan was practicing isolationism.  The book on The Dutch Influences on Japanese Art: the Akita ranga art School and Foreign Books was published in 2005.  Her current research is on the Westernization of Japan during the nineteenth century and Ukiyo-e art of the eighteenth and ninetenth centuries. Dr. Johnson is currently teaching Asian Art history, covering China, India, Korea and Japan,  Chinese Art history and Japanese Art history.  She also has seminars on Images of Women and Ukiyo-e art

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